Finite Element Analysis Services (Pty) Ltd (FEAS),

established in 1988, provides engineering solutions to industry using advanced simulation technologies. These include services and specialised software.

FEAS also provides technical support and training for all our software products.

The company employs postgraduate engineers with the required expertise to solve the complex real-world problems our customers encounter.



  • Linear and nonlinear finite element analysis including static and dynamic solutions.
  • FEA applied to steel, rubber, polymer, geotechnical and composite materials.
  • Integration of Finite Element results into design evaluations.
  • Failure analysis.
  • Design services utilising design codes (e.g. SANS, ASME).

Current directors are:

VH Balden MSc (UCT)

HC Bowles MSc (UCT)

GP Mitchell MSc (UCT), PhD (Swansea)


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