Wolf Star Technologies understands the challenges of Product Development and the pitfalls of structural and dynamic issues that plague every Product Development project.  The unique strength that Wolf Star Technologies brings to the table is first to market solutions to meet the fundamental needs of how an engineer / analyst needs to work with their FEA tools. Our product offerings of True-Load™, True-QSE™ and True-LDE™ bring understanding to dynamic loading of structures and how to extract decision ready data from FEA models.

True-Load™ is a first to market to solution that leverages FEA models to place strain gauges on unmodified physical parts and then back calculate loading. Output directly feeds into True-QSE™ events, a powerful post processing tool that supports rapid virtual interation. True-Load directly interfaces to Safe Technology’s fe-safe® to make FEA based fatigue with correlated loading events a natural part of the design cycle.
True-LDE™ is designed to make post processing Abaqus Linear Dynamic Events intuitive and interactive. True-LDE™ leverage the power of linear superposition of modal results. Quickly probe the model for responses to user defined excitations. True-LDE™ offers powerful tools to create operating deflection shapes and peak value plots.
True-QSE™ creates Quasi-Static Events by attaching user defined scaling functions to FEA solutions. True-QSE™ leverages the power of linear superposition. Like True-LDE™, True-QSE™ supports interaction with the FEA model to create plots of nodal and elemental functions. True-QSE™ can create operating deflection shapes and peak value plots.




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