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Electromagnetic Solutions

Electromagnetic simulation software enables engineers to investigate the electromagnetic properties of components or whole systems efficiently. EM simulation software is a game changer when it comes to reducing the time and cost of bringing a product to market, not just in the high-tech industries of electronics and communication, but also in aerospace, defense, transportation and life sciences. Analysis with EM software ranges from individual components such as antennas, sensors and chips up to entire devices, including aircraft, smartphones and MRI.
  • Validate the best location and design for electromagnetic devices early in the design process, without having to test a physical prototype.
  • Assess trade-offs based on predefined KPIs and requirements.
  • Reduce electromagnetic design studies from weeks down to days.
  • Leverage SIMULIA CST Studio Suite technology to validate installed electromagnetic performance directly on the CATIA or SOLIDWORKS design geometry.

Bus Wi-Fi® Electric Field Simulation with SIMULIA CST Studio Suite

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